• Diagrams For Busy People

    KIte9 has a super-simple, stripped-down user interface. So you can become productive in minutes.

  • Touch Me

    iPad Easy

    Kite9 is at home on the iPad. Just drag and drop. All your diagram elements are sized to their content and aligned with each other. Fat fingers are welcome here.

  • Intelligent Layout

    Everything In It's Right Place

    Show Kite9 where it goes just once. Needs to be seen to be believed.

  • Built in Simplification

    Avoid The Tangle

    Kite9 will work out how to route the links in your diagram to make things look as simple as possible.

Creating a Diagram

Some info about how it works

Step 1

Drag elements off the palette and onto your diagram

Step 2

Use Auto Connect to arrange the elements on the diagram.

Step 3

Watch as the elements in the diagram adjust size automatically.

Step 4

Add connections to your diagram and let Kite9 route them correctly


Some stuff it does..
  • Different Formats

    Kite9 can publish in PNG and PDF format.

  • Pluggable Palettes

    Kite9 supports UML, ADL and Flowchart diagrams, and you can plug in further palettes.

  • Change Themes

    Choose different themes for your Kite9 diagrams to give them a personalised look. Soon - CSS driven themes